Modern Physics Jameson smith

General Relativity

General relativity describes how gravity works as a force. Einstein shattered the belief that gravity works instantly and that the speed of light is the speed limit of the universe. It says that the the dimensions of the universe become warped by gravity and the more mass an object has the greater the gravitational pull. He proposed that gravity travels as a wave and ripples like water

Albert Einstein- The discoverer of general relativity

Four Fundamental Forces

Gravity- Defined by Einsteins theory of relativity, it says that gravity has an level of attraction based on the mass of the object that reaches over the whole universe. It warps time and space and travels at the speed of light.

Electromagnetic- Acts on particles based on particle charges. A combination of magnetism and electrical forces. They can either attract or repel.

Strong nuclear- This forces the force that holds the particles of atoms together and is the strongest known force.

Weak nuclear- This force deals with the decay of atoms and is responsible for radioactive materials as well as radiation

Quantum mechanics

This is the study of the very very small subatomic particles. These are governed by a different set of rules and don't fit in with Einsteins theory of relativity. This field has a lot to do with using calculations to predict an outcome since much of the objects studied in the field are smaller than we can see


This is the holy grail of physics. It is the goal of uniting quantum mechanics and the behavior of big objects under one theory, the theory of everything. To put a set of rules in place that govern all things.

String Theory

This is the leading theory on how to make unification a reality. It proposes that particles are composed of tiny strands of energy that wiggle and vibrate t different frequencies. If the string wiggled at different frequencies that would affect how the particle it made up behaves. It predicts a much crazier universe if it is correct with 11 dimensions and parallel universes. The problem with this theory is not the math since it is free of anomalies but that since strings are so small we can't design an experiment that can observe them.


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