Oliver and the rock cycle By: Kensington Comfort

You can't see me, but somewhere in that giant pile of sand is me. I am a tiny grain of sand. My name is Oliver! Follow me, as I take you on my adventure through the rock cycle.
I have been eroded away by wind, rain, and snow. Oh wow, a giant wave just came and 'whoosh', swept me away into the ocean! It's really boring right now, I became a part of the ocean floor and now I'm compacting and being made into a sedimentary rock.
The Earth's crust broke into big chunks and they just collided! I'm being pushed down into the subduction zone. The heat and pressure are squeezing me and forming me into to a metamorphic rock! I have a new best friend, Molly, she's been through the rock cycle 3 times!
I was melted by hot liquid, and made into magma! Now I'm being slowly pushed back up through the Earth's crust to the surface. It is a very boring process, but my best friend Molly makes it more interesting. She is most excited for the next part of our journey.
I rised to the very top of the Earth's surface. Then I cooled and solidified! Now I have become an Ingeous rock! Molly went on a different path from me, and exploded through the top of a volcano! I am lonely without her, but am looking forward to becoming sediment again.
I was uplifted and eroded to expose my thin layers. I have slowly been weathered away and have now returned to sediment. I can't wait to go through the rock cycle again! I wonder if I'll even make some more friends!

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