Oak Hollow 33 years Celebration

Oak Hollow would not be Oak Hollow without my right hand, Kitty Ingram. Kitty worked with me for 33 years and I couldn't have done without her. Jan joined the team and worked with us for 16 years before she retired. Betsy Frank worked with us for several years and was sorry to miss our celebration. Nancy moved to town with her husband Joe and came to visit our gallery. I found that she was an amazing artist and she joined our team as well. Paula was a retired framer and worked with us occasionally. All amazing assets to Oak Hollow and to me personally, they were there for me through thick and thin and will always be in my heart.
Kitty and Steve with Vicki
This amazing woman, Jane Gutting is responsible for creating this party. She rounded up some helpers and friends to help her. It was such a gift to me and Oak Hollow.
Nancy and my daughter Andrea
When ever my family came for a visit, you could always find us sneaking in a game of cards! What fond memories of all the years they came for visits!

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