Romeo and Juliette By: Ben dixon

Theater in Shakespeare time

The company usually featured no women, due to laws in that time women were not allowed to be actors so young boys usually filled the role that the girls would have played(lander).

The worlds theater

Shakespeare was an actor. Actors in Shakespeare time were commonly referred to as players because of the fun environment associated with the theater. The seats for the audience were tightly packed together. In order to get the best seat you had to be the first there, it was on a first come first serve basis(lander).

Who were the plays performed for?

Shakespeare's plays were usually preformed for the wealthy, the upper middle class, and the lower middle class. If the audience did not like the performance than they would throw tomatoes or anything they had on hand at the actors on stage (Lander).

What happed to the globe theater?

The original globe theater was shut down in 1642 and later torn down in 1644. The timbers came from the original globe theater and were transported to the new location for the 2nd globe theater(Seidel).

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