Financial Aid & The Dartmouth College Fund A Look at the impact of financial aid on dartmouth students and the role that both the endowment and dcf play to make aid possible

"The world's troubles are your troubles ... and there is nothing wrong with the world that better human beings cannot fix." -John Sloan Dickey '29

Dartmouth develops better human beings that go on to become tomorrow’s leaders. Our students and faculty are working on today's biggest challenges including medical research and delivery, climate change, social and racial justice, and corporate and political leadership.

A gift to financial aid is an investment in developing knowledge and leadership that will impact myriad local, national, and global challenges.

Financial Aid empowers students to participate in all aspects of the Dartmouth Experience and to reach their full potential.

Dartmouth's greatest priority is TALENT. We welcome the brightest, most promising students, regardless of their ability to pay.

  • Dartmouth is committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated need of all students.
  • We are need-blind in admissions for domestic students and through philanthropy, aim to become just one of six US higher education institutions to be need-blind internationally, as well.
  • We are removing student loans from aid packages.
  • We are strengthening our support for middle-income families.

Financial aid gives all students the chance to participate fully in our COMMUNITY with unmatched support along the way.

  • Financial aid provides opportunities to study abroad.
  • It also allows students engage in research, in Hanover and beyond.
  • Aid also provides students the opportunity to engage fully in educational pursuits without the impact of missed time for paid work.

Dartmouth prepares wise, courageous LEADERS who are less hindered by debt and free to follow their passions after graduation.

Ameena Razzaque '21 is a shining example of leadership in action.

The Dartmouth Financial Aid model depends on philanthropy.

Did you know that Dartmouth spends $139,000 to educate each student for one year while charging $73,600 for tuition, room and board? The gap of more than $65,000 is closed through philanthropy.

This means that all Dartmouth students benefit directly from philanthropic support.

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Cost Breakdown
Funding Sources

In 2019, 46% of all undergraduate students relied on financial aid to make their Dartmouth experience possible. Over the past two years, this has grown to 53%. Our total number of students requiring financial aid continues to increase.

The total rate of students on aid continues to grow.

Dartmouth uses its resources wisely.

Running a college or university requires incredible investment. Dartmouth goes to great lengths to deliver a world-class product, but remains committed to strategic investment in its top priorities - students and teaching.

Academic & Student Programs as a percentage of the overall College budget have increased from 47% to 65% over the past 20 years.
Meanwhile, Dartmouth has seen just a 1% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in its administrative expenses under President Hanlon's leadership.

Dartmouth's strategic spending, combined with continued philanthropic investment from alumni, parents, and friends, has allowed Dartmouth to reduce its draw from the endowment and increase its reinvestment for greater future returns.

As Dartmouth's endowment has grown, our ability to reinvest its market growth has increased.

The endowment alone is not enough.

Over its 250-year history, Dartmouth has built its endowment through the contributions of donors, often to meet particular costs within the College's operation (such as funding professorships, student programs, capital expenses, and yes, even financial aid). In total, 83% of the College's endowment has a purpose which is restricted to a donor's intent.

Financial aid is among one of the many priorities of the endowment. The endowment provides more than $48M annually to student aid, which represents just 47% of our total aid budget.

To explain more about how Dartmouth utilizes its endowment, former Provost Joe Helble '82a spoke about the endowment's role at Dartmouth during a Community Conversation presentation on April 29, 2020.

Dartmouth is more affordable today than 20 years ago.

The average scholarship package for Dartmouth students has seen a 4% compound annual growth rate between the Class of 2002 and 2022. Tuition, meanwhile, has increased just 2% annually. This means that Dartmouth is more affordable today than it was 20 years ago.

The Dartmouth College Fund is the cornerstone of financial aid.

Your annual commitment to the Dartmouth College Fund--which includes the Parents and Grandparents Fund--is the most important gesture you can make to support Dartmouth.

  • The Dartmouth College Fund (DCF) and unrestricted sources provide more than $57.7M annually to student aid.
  • Gifts of all sizes make a difference. Did you know that gifts under $2,500 total more than $5.5M annually? This sum supports the need of 110 students annually. It is amazing what the Dartmouth Community can accomplish together.
The growth of the DCF continues to be the engine behind Dartmouth's growth in financial aid offering.

Financial aid is the key to attracting the top talent, creating a sense of community, and developing the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for your generosity.