SGVT serves a record breaking seson By: Elle Fair '19 and Daniel Harizman '19

State Final Photo Story

Top: Two and three singles, (left) Olivia Foster '18 and (right) Carine Geijestam begin their matches. Foster jumped out to a 4-1 lead in the first set and Geijestam lost the first set 2-6. Bottom: (left) Geijestam recovers down 1-2 in the first set. (right) One doubles Kristin Butler '18 and Hannah Bjorkman '18 switch sides down 2-3 in the first set. Photos by Daniel Harizman '19
Top: (left) Darien's Emilia Callery serves as she battles back from a 4-1 deficit in the first set, Foster would go on to win the first set 7-5. (Right) Bjorkman and Butler celebrate a winner. Bottom: (left) Bjorkman serves in #1 Double's first set of play, the duo went on to win the first set 7-5. (right) One singles Alyssa Dimaio '20 meets with coach Paco Fabian after winning the first set 6-1. Photos by Elle Fair '19
Top: (left) Caroline Homes of Darien's #3 Doubles team serves in their second set of play, Staples would win this slot in a victory from Lily Smith '19 and Natalie Carroza '21. (right) Staples Superfans engage in discussion on the #2 doubles match after Gabriella Vega '18 and Olivia Gordy '20 win the first set 6-2. Bottom: (left) Carozza prepares to volley at the net in the second set. (right) Four singles Alysin Kercher '21 serves in her first set of play. Kercher proceeded to split sets and then lose the final set 6-3 to Darien's Katie Wiley. Photos by Daniel Harizman.
Dimaio runs off the court shortly after beating Darien's Lily Ma '19 at #1 singles with a score of 6-1, 6-0. Previous to this win, Ma had beaten Dimaio in two other outings this season. Photo by Daniel Harizman '19
(left) Gordy holds her serve as #2 Doubles attempts to regain momentum after dropping the second set to the Blue Wave. (right) Foster prepares to return a serve in the second set of play. Foster proceeded to drop the second set to Callery with a score of 0-6. Photos by Elle Fair '19.
The Staples girls rush the court surrounding senior captain and game winning match player, Foster. Foster defeated Callery in 3 sets, the final score, 7-5, 0-6, 6-4. Photo by Daniel Harizman '19.
The Staples girls continue to celebrate their victory on court, tears and laughter infiltrate the air as the Wreckers secure their second state victory in 4 years. Photo by Elle Fair '19
(left) The Staples girls' varsity tennis team stands in line awaiting their medals and the state trophy at the award ceremony. (right) Head coach Fabian and assistant coach Kim Harizman head their team at the ceremony, congratulating the players of Darien to a hard fought match. Photos by Elle Fair '19.
A smiling Dimaio receives her medal at the award ceremony. Dimaio held an 11-2 regular season record in 2018. Photo by Elle Fair '19
The Staples girls give a final round of hugs and one last group huddle to celebrate their accomplishment before boarding the bus to return back to Westport. In 2018, the Staples girls' varsity tennis team secured both the FCIAC and State championships. Photo by Elle Fair '19

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