Imperialism By: samantha Moreno

Imperialism is defined as a policy of extending a country'power and influence through diplomacy or military force. Basically it is when a stronger country takes over rule of a weaker country. There are many examples of Imperialism throughout history and in various countries around the world.

America-Hawaii: In 1849 Hawaii officially became a protectorate of the U.S. through economic treaties. This means it was controlled and protected by the United States. These treaties eventually allowed american business people to operate and work from Hawaii. Overtime the business people pressured the King to limit voting rights and from then on the Hawaiian legislature was dominated by foreign influences. In 1887 the American, European, and Hawaiian government passed a new constitution making the monarchy lose all their power, they did this by using military forces on the King to have him sign it. Later when Queen Lili'uokalani received the throne she began creating a new constitution that would give all the natives their rights back. With the American business man Sanford B. Dole not wanting to lose power to Queen Lili'uokalani, he had her imprisoned. Later in 1897 Hawaii officially became an American Territory.

Queen Lili'uokalani

Britain-South Africa: The Imperialism started when South Africa discovered diamonds and gold in 1857. Before Britain gained more control, The Boers (dutch colony) had main control over parts of South Africa. After a war the South African people gained Independence 1934 but the British never completely left the area. When the mining took off the British began annexing the land to gain profit this caused a lot of problems between them and the natives. To solve the issue The divided the natives into different tribes or sections and gave them full independence of those areas; but there was still a big division between the groups. Eventually the British made South Africa a more industrialized civilization despite the fact that the South Africans wanted to keep it as farming land.

Britain imperialism in South Africa

Britain-13 colonies: Sir Walter Raleigh was the first to establish the first English settlement in the Americas. The first colony to be founded was Virginia,next Massachusetts and New Hampshire and so on. In order to take over the Americas, Britain had to use Colonial Imperialism. Eventually the colonies became unhappy about being a part of and controlled by Britain, so the created and signed a document known as the Declaration of Independence. They gained their independence by fighting against Britain in the Revolutionary War. They then became the United States of America and created their nations first flag.

The flag of the 13 colonies

Russia-Alaska: In 1725 the Russians explored Alaska and got an interest in it. As the Americas grew westward the found themselves in competition with the Russians for Alaska, but lacked the financial resources. Russian settlers in Alaska never grew more than 400 people. When the Russians were defeated in the Crimean War their interest in the region began to decrease; this led to them offering to sell it to the Americans in 1859. The U.S. Civil War delayed the sale but on March 30, 1867 they renewed the offer with Russia and purchased Alaska for 7.2 million dollars. On October 18, 1867 Alaska was officially transferred to the U.S., but it also ensured them access to the Pacific Northern Rim. Decades after the purchase the U.S. still paid little attention to Alaska until gold deposits were found in 1896, then during World War II, it was recognized for its strategic importance. This all led to January 3, 1959 when Alaska officially became a state.

Russia vs. America for Alaska

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