Reflective Journal (Week Eight)

Monday I did not do anything as work over the weekend had made me really tired. I think this will not affect me too much as I can work more now I have time off work until I finish college. On Tuesday I fixed my PC and managed to get Stencyl to work on it. This will help me speed things up later on when coming to program as I can work from home more.

Wednesday I went to Derby all day. If I could have I would have worked that day to catch up on anything. I could not have gone but I needed to as we needed to look at the space we are going to have in the new house when we move.

Thursday was a productive day. I worked on a little more code and Dziliana finished the basic animation for the protagonist. This is really good as we now need to do the levels and cut scenes and then we'll be on track. The animations came out really good and I'm really happy that Dziliana got it to work so well as she had some trouble with the running at first. We did have a problem with the animation on my end. This was when you fell your player would switch to the idle animation. I fixed this by adding some code that means your jumping animation will stay while you fall. I fixed this really quickly and I'm happy with how well I done it. It also gave me more confidence when coming to the harder parts.

These are the animations. I ran into a problem two if the animations won't load on the PC I was on. I'm hoping it will come back on a different PC. If not I'll just re-add it. This is not too much of an issue to fix and if it does not come back re-adding will take a few minuets.

Before I looked to fix this problem. On Friday morning I started to work on fixing the proposal document. This was by re-wording some things. This was from the feedback I got last Friday. I still have more work to do on it. I did also fix the animation problem. For some reason it was not working. I fixed it by just adding the frames back. I'm hoping it will work from now on or else it is going to cause issues later on and then slow me down a lot.

This is all the basic animations that we have. The other animations are probably just going to be you attacking with the weapons.

The next main step for the coding with me is probably with making the levels in the game. For this to be done I'm relying on Dziliana to get these done sooner than later so she can draw the cut scenes while I work on coding each level. I feel like that would be the most productive way of working on it. We only have a few weeks on this now but I feel like it will be enough for what we have to do. I am confident in Dziliana and in myself that we can do this. While Dziliana was working on the art I was working on adding the bits of code I could add while I was waiting more more assets. This is so I could have maximum time on the parts with levels and actors, as the enemies would need coding.


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