BLOC-K Escape Room for Dodge Interactive London

Bloc-K is a massive simulated-WIL project incorporating degree students from Games, Music, Media Arts, Graphic Design, Web Design and Acting. Students worked within simulated production studios to collaborate on a AAA-style VR Escape Room Game for Dodge Interactive London (simulated client).

Students had to learn to work successfully together in agile teams to hit tight professional deadlines and achieve strict quality standards. The students' creative outputs included the creation of virtual environments, Russian text style guides, propaganda posters, sound FX, an adaptive music soundtrack, in-game videos and numerous other game assets. In addition to this students had to organise production shoots, locations, costumes, actors, create promotional posters and websites, as well as shoot a behind-the-scenes documentary.

All collaborating student design studios (Grey Street for music; Studio 66 for media, graphics and web; and Studio Kaboom for games) had to sign non-disclosure agreements, contracts, create work breakdown structures and numerous other business and financial documentation in order to participate in the project. The students found project extremely challenging, enlightening and ultimately rewarding.


Game Environment

Advertising POSTERS

Teaser Trailers

Marketing Images

In-Game Assets