Volleyball A Summer Olympic Sport Since 1964

Description: Basic Rules and Regulations

In volleyball, there are six players on each side of the court and 3 touches allowed on each side. The ball may be played off the net of a serve or pass. It is legal to make contact with any part of the body to keep the ball in play. If the ball hits the line of the boundary, it is considered in. If the ball hits the antenna or the floor that is outside the boundary, it is out. A ball the drops on the floor that is inside the court results in a point to the other team. The points only increase by one point at a time. A player may not attack or block a serve on or inside the ten foot line. The player must serve outside the court. An example would be if a player serves and his or her foot goes over the line, it is automatically the other teams point. Also, any given player may not touch the net. A point will be given to the other team if this occurs.

Left: Serving the Volleyball Center: A Pass Landing on the Player's platform Right: Two volleyball players trying to close the block to keep the hit from coming on their side.

Problem and Solution: Having Weak Ankles and What to Do

A problem often found in volleyball players is weak ankles. Sometimes a player can go up for a hit and land wrong. This an result in an ankle sprain, fracture, or even a break. there are ways to prevent this. To solve this, a player could do a lot of ankle strengthening exercise everyday. Writing the alphabet with your foot moves it all around so that your ankles are used to making circles and having wight put on them. Another way to prevent ankle injures is ankle braces. There are all different kinds of braces depending on the type of support you need.

Cause and Effect: How a Strong Approach Affects Your Hit

When you see some one hit a volleyball, they most likely do an approach to get more power and an aim so that the other team cannot return the ball. If you use your legs to transfer power and speed, it will result in a forceful hit. If it is a bad set, you might see and down ball which it just hitting at the ball without any leg power. The person doesn't have as much control on where the ball is going. Using your legs in a pattern of right, left, right or left, right, left will help you get on top of the ball so it goes straight down.

This volleyaball player aimed over the block

Compare and Contrast: Middle School Volleyball vs. High School Volleyball

In high school volleyball, you play the best out of 5 games, each game 25 points long. On the other hand, in middle school volleyball, the team plays the best out of 3 games, each 25 points long too. High school usually have more strength so they are able to dig the ball and hit the ball harder. Instead of rolling on the floor after a dig, younger volleyball players might not know all the techniques and foot work to have a perfect pass.

Left: A volleyball Right: A girl tries to dig a hit

Sequence: How to Serve

The most common serve in volleyball is the Overhand. The first step to serving is to stand with your shoulder length apart and all your weight on your back foot. Then, put the ball in the opposite hand you are hitting with. Following that, hold the ball straight out in front of you with it in your palm that should be facing up. Now get your hitting hand ready by swinging it back next to your head and point your elbow forward. Make sure your hand is fully open. Next, throw the ball into the air directly in front of your body, but still in line with your hitting arm. For a powerful serve, step with your dominant foot and it will transfer the energy to your hand. Lastly, hit the ball with the palm of your hand facing slightly upward to make sure the ball goes over the net.


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