Francis Cabot Lowell By: Joseph Spagnolo

Child of John Lowell II and Susanna Cabot, Francis Cabot Lowell was born on April 7, 1755 in Newburyport, Massachusetts.
In 1793 Francis graduated from Harvard to become a merchant in places such as Europe, India, Canada, and China.
When Francis was a merchant, he took a trip to England and was inspired by the British textile mills, so later on, he would go on to build a few mills.
Later in 1813, Francis and some of his partners formed the Boston Manufacturing Company in Boston, Massachusetts.
He and his partners, who formed Boston Manufacturing Company, each sold $1,000 dollars worth of share, witch is now, today, $10,000.
Francis Cabot Lowell built many mills, but his were different.
Instead of hiring anyone he could get in his mills, he only hired unmarried young women who were willing to work in his farm.
This later became known as the Lowell System and gave women $2-$4 dollars a week, which is higher than the normal wage for women at the time.
Later in his life, Francis Cabot Lowell settled down with his wife, Hannah Jackson, and his three children.
Later, Francis died on August 8, 1817, ending his successful career.


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