My SCM 16 Journey Here are few of the things I won't forget during the School of Campus Ministry Batch 16 (September to November 2016)...

My School of Campus Ministry experience had played a very important role in building me not just as a Campus Missionary but also as follower of Jesus. I'm so privileged to be part of the biggest batch with 46 students sent by their local churches from different parts of the world. Let me share to you some of the take home thoughts I've collected throughout the school's duration...
First Class Picture

"If you value something, it will just come out naturally."

As God's ambassadors, we value what He values. And valuing those is not in a compulsory form but willingly and organically comes out of our system. I appreciate how we started this season with an important thing to keep in mind - VALUES. The school has made me realized again the things that are worth fighting for and led me to a stand of not trying hard but loving hard.

After a mentoring session of the provincial ladies with Ate Che de Sagum

"Being the best I can be is running with people beside me."

One of the best things that happened to me during the school days is when I've built new relationships (with the teachers and classmates). It's always amazing to think of different personalities, background and cultures being brought by one God. I've learned the value of team work with our strategic planning group work, class devotion scheduling and a lot more where I managed to associate with various individuals whom I shared life with. This excites me to serve with the team mates I have in Lucena and reach out students and faculties, opening one new campus at a time.

Three PUP students we met during our stay in Manila

"Being faithful with the little things that God entrusted"

I also learned the value of stewardship. God had believed in us that great things could be done through us if we abide in Him and wisely manage what He has entrusted. God has entrusted to us the campuses. Christ's blood has been paid for the people there and it's our privilege to bring them that good news.

After a Youth Service in Victory Katipunan with Bishop Juray Mora

"Leadership is not for self but for others"

Contrary to the positional leadership that we may know, the kind of leadership that Jesus showed is the leadership focused on building others rather that building your stature or title. He had portrayed a servant kind of leadership all throughout his stay on earth. This is the leadership with the thought of always giving and not expecting to receive for own self. We want to build a generation with leaders like this - who fears the Lord and loves people.

Class Graduation Picture

There are a lot of things I thank God for throughout my SCM Journey. But what I am thankful the most is that in all these, I come to know more of the God I am serving :) I got to know more of how thoughtful, faithful and generous He is as my Provider, Lover and Father.

Thank you for your faithful partnership in reaching the next generation for Jesus. I'm excited to go back in the harvest field and saturate the campus with the gospel. Thank you for sending me! :) :) :)
Karen Manalo
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