Elephant by olivia

Elephants are the worlds largest living land mammal. They can weigh up to 6,500kg. Ivory is like human teeth. It is made from dentine.

African elephants eat as much as 660 pounds in a day. That is the same as 300kg, they eat for 20 hours.

Poaching is decreasing the amount of elephants that live in the wild.

There are just two kinds of elephants. African and Asian.

Their long trunks have two uses. As a nose and a extra hand. A fully grown female elephant uses its trunk to feed on grass. People use elephants to carry heavy weights.

Male elephants can grow over twice as tall as a man.

Elephants live in in family groups. Families often join together to make large herds.

They have small eyes protected by long eyelashes.

An elephants tusk can grow up to 18cm every year.

A baby elephant can weigh


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