Amur Leopards Critically endangered

Did you know that there are more Amur leopard living in zoos than in the wild? There are only about 60 and more left in the wild. That is a huge raise compared to 30 in 2007,

Habitat loss is the main reason Amur Leopards are endangered. Between 1970s-80s 80% of their habitat was cut down. Poaching is also a huge problem. Unfortunately the Amur leopards beatific fur is widely sought out for.

Did you know that Amur leopards get their names because of the Amur River? They are actually smaller than other leopards, but have longer legs. Scientists belive that is because they have to wade in the snow.

Amur Leopards can run up to 35 miles per hour. That's faster than Usain Bolt!!!! Amur Leopards are the only leopard subspecies to live in a cold environment. That's why they have 8 in long fur.

Amur Leopards eat up to 4 pounds of food a day. Including cubs! They usually hunt deer, wild pigs, hares, and badgers. If feeling brave sometimes young black bear cubs.

We need to be the hero's to these animals. Save the Amur leopard!!!!!!!

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