Fundraising Pop Up Shops? Oh yah, We did it!

We've got Big news!

Request your free fundraising pop up shop today! We do all the work. You have all the fun. Literally within hours, your custom gear sale can be up and running. Here’s how it works!

High Quality "Dream Merch"

Select high quality, “Dream Merch” that you’ve always wanted to offer, but were afraid to inventory. Since we only print what actually sells in your store, there is no risk of getting stuck with weird sizes or leftovers.

There’s no cost for you!

Your retail price is set by the profit margin you desire, the product per piece cost, and a small service fee to cover credit card processing & store admin. When your shoppers pay at checkout, they cover all these costs and we send you all the profit.

There’s no handling for you!

When the store closes, we print and ship directly to your shoppers. We do all the printing, sorting, picking, packing, shipping, and tracking, as well as any extra communications required with shoppers.

There’s no accounting tasks for you!

Our system seamlessly keeps track of customer payments, shipping calculations, sales tax required, refunds and sales.

Painless, easy, immediate fundraising that is free to you in both effort & investment. Best of all…. You’ve created a meaningful campaign that keeps you connected to your campers that’s fun for them AND for you!

Ready to get started? Just say “GO” and we will get a draft right over to you!