2020 Father's Day Gifts

How are you planning to celebrate dad on June 21st? Get gift ideas that are perfect for 2020 in our updated guide. 🙌

With extended shipping and limited stock, 2020 is a strange year for buying gifts. Check out our updated guide to get the perfect gift for dad, from homemade items to experiences to simply doing something “normal” after living in quarantine for months.

Father's Day Experience Gifts

Dad has been stuck in the house these past few months just like the rest of us. Maybe what he really wants this year is to just get out the house. Here are several experiences you can give him on Father's Day:

  • Fishing Trip - Rent a boat or find a suitable shoreline and let dad take some time for himself and his reel. Or, if he's down for some company, make it a family fishing trip. Even if you don't catch anything, you can plan on grilling up some seafood for dinner.
  • Golfing with the Guys - The great thing about golf and other leisure sports is there is very little physical interaction. Book a tee time for dad and his best buds to enjoy some time out of the house and on the green.
  • Movie Night - Cinemas might still be closed, but that doesn't mean you can't get dad's fave movie, pop some popcorn, and get his preferred candy for a family movie night. You can even buy or rent a projector, throw up a sheet on the side of the house, and lay out some blankets to make it even more special.

Personalized Gifts

2020 has been a hard year. This Father's Day, let dad know how his patience, resilience, and creativity during this uncertain time is seen and appreciated! These personalized gifts let you add your personal touch and message for dad.

Father's Day Subscription Boxes

Quarantine has given us ample excuse to buy buy buy online. If dad has gotten addicted to getting those Amazon boxes on the doorstep, then sign him up for one of these man-approved subscription boxes! We've even included some coupon codes for you to save $$ on this gift that keeps on giving.

Just "Dad" Stuff

Want to buy it, wrap it, and let dad enjoy his new toy? Here are some items that every dad is sure to love on Father's Day.

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