Date: 22/02/17

Activity: Turbo Touch

What it is: Turbo Touch is a game where the ball can be passed in multiple ways for e.g. forwards, backwards etc. There are two teams in opposition to each other, first team wins by getting a touchdown over the line.

Equipment needed: A marked off area preferably in a rectangular shape with enough room for each team to make a try/touchdown. Bibs needed to tell the teams apart and lastly a touch ball.

The factor that influenced my participation today was... my peers and my teacher. An example of this factor was... my peers and my teacher motivating me to participate in our practical (Turbo Touch). This had a positive impact on my participation where i was able to interact with my peers and to relate with them. This was because... i enjoy doing our practical in general and with the motivation and support of my peers it helped me enjoy it even more


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