The tuition for Stanford is roughly 45,195 then there's room board bringing in a whopping 1,363 plus the 1,424 you have to pay for books and supplies.
The student body is roughly 37.5% white 19.8% Asian 32.5% Hispanic 20% African American.
Some of the admission requirements is a gpa of at least 4.18 and your high school class rank and your test scores.
Of the 43,997 people who apply to Stanford only about 2,063 are accepted so only about 4.69% are accepted.
The financial aid that students at Stanford receive are scholarships and loans.
The students at Stanford have lots of space on campus to walk around run get your morning jog in, or go play catch with your friends.
There are many clubs at Stanford like basketball club or big ideas club lots of them.
Or you could go to the beach or go to the near by shopping center or stay in your dorm and study(boring)
Believe it or not u.s president Herbert Hoover and Supreme justice Sandra day O'Connor went to Stanford as well.


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