Tidbits About Ms. Celmer Meet the co-principal (PreK - 4th grade)

I am 35 years old, residing in a charming neighborhood in South Burlington, VT. As one of the new co-principals for the Shelburne Community School, I'm looking forward to joining the SCS learning community. We are going to have an incredible 2017-2018 school year!

My Childhood ~ I grew up in a suburban town called Clarence Center in upstate New York. I attended Sheridan Hill Elementary School and Clarence Senior High School.I'm a middle child, with four sisters. We used to have a chocolate lab, named Java...she was super sweet!

My Education ~ I went to The Ohio State University to study Residential Interior Design, which is what brought me to VT! I decided early on, that design wasn't for me, so I became a nanny for three amazing children. Those children motivated me to go to Johnson State College to earn my Bachelors of Art degree in Elementary Education (K-6). In February of 2015, I received my Masters in Education along with my principal endorsement and director of curriculum endorsement. I have taught Kindergarten for four years, Sixth grade for one year, and I was a K-8 Literacy Coach for two years.

My Interests ~ I am a dancer, (self-proclaimed) photographer, foodie, athlete, adventurer, and a LIFE-LONG LEARNER. I enjoy playing outside (hiking, biking, kayaking, picnics, concerts, traveling, and so much more)! I love sharing this fun with family and friends.

My Favorites ~ Food - Does ice cream count? If not, I'd go with homemade mac & cheese, Sports - dancing, tennis, Rugby (watching), Book - The Giving Tree, Color - hmmm, all? Okay, okay I like cooler colors like blues, greens, purples, Drink - coffee, Season - Fall, Flower - peony, Store - HomeGoods, Dessert - Did I say ice cream already?, Candy - Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, snickers, or gum. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?!

Contact Me ~ I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know you and your children throughout the year. Most Sundays after 10am You'll find me enjoying a cup of coffee at the Village Wine and Coffee, come join me! contact me at acelmer@cvsdvt.org or (802) 383-1103

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