JASEC Conference 9 July 2020 Jersey Annual Skills and Employability Conference (JASEC) 2020

Fit-for-future workforce

This year’s Jersey’s Annual Skills & Employability Conference is taking a bold step in catalysing partnership across the skills and employability sector to develop a fit-for-future workforce for Jersey.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic JASEC 2020 will be hosted virtually on 9 July 2020. Bringing together representatives from Jersey and international academic institutions, politicians, employers, and government officials, as well as the third sector, the conference promise an inspiring and innovative time for those who choose to tune in on the Skills Jersey YouTube channel.

In the wake of strange and unprecedented times over the last few months the importance of a skill-led recovery has never been more important. JASEC bring employers, educators and those valuing education together to ensure we develop a fit for future workforce for Jersey. JASEC once again attracts high calibre of diverse headline speakers with exemplary knowledge and practice in their fields who will provide excellent platform for debate, dialogue and aid our decision making.

The conference is broadcast on Skills Jersey YouTube channel. You are able to select and watch the speakers input, take part in discussions and provide us with your views and thoughts.

Our aim

At the heart of this year’s conference we will be focusing on:

  • The impact COVID-19 on businesses, education and training. The world is entering one of the deepest recession as a result of the pandemic. The conference offers a platform for businesses and individuals to discuss if the Covid-19 has changed their views on Skills, Education and training and if so how we can ensure the education system and offering in Jersey is supporting the recovery of the island. Learning from other jurisdictions’ experience and understanding the outline plans drawn up by Skills Jersey and their partners to tackle the unemployment and the aiding the recovery.
  • Helping young people to make informed decisions about their future learning pathways, career entry points and progression opportunities in Jersey and how we intend to ensure we inspire more young people as to the full range of career opportunities in Jersey and beyond.

Conference schedule

Opening speech - Senator Tracey Vallois, Minister for Education

Working from home, the new normal? - Debbie Reeve, Senior Manager, Aztec Financial Services (Jersey) Limited and Chair of the Student Sub-Committee of the Institute of Directors, Jersey

  • How the finance industry has adapted to the ‘new normal’ as a result of COVID-19 – the use of technology and changes to working practices
  • How to support you team whilst working from home
  • How WFH may become the new normal
  • Tips if you have found yourself looking for a change of career during the current pandemic and what skills businesses are looking for
  • Practical advice on applying for roles in the finance industry and updating your CV

Opening Digital Doors - Adam Blackwood, Digital Creative Knowledge Exchange Lead and eLearning Consultant, University of Kent

  • To make the most from any future plans it is necessary to have some awareness, competence and maybe, some interest with some aspects of digital technology. The interests you have, the digital doors you choose to open, will change the skills you acquire; the new projects you consider; the new people you connect to and the new possibilities you imagine. This presentation will take a peek at some of these digital opportunities and what may lie behind them. No matter what business, subject interest or location you find yourself on the planet in the future, ..in the future, you will likely be using technologies that you barely exist today. And with that thought, what skills or traits will be useful to make the most of that change? - And I originally was interested in...fish.

Reimagining Skills Development at RBC - David Bailey, Chief Operating Officer, RBC Wealth Management International and Katy Grady, Learning Manager, RBC Wealth Management British Isles

  • The pace of change in the digital world offers challenges and opportunities. This presentation shares how the Royal Bank of Canada has embraced technology, in particular process automation, and has re-imagined skills development for both the digital and human elements of the New World of Work.

Digital skills and the economy - Dominic Murphy, Founder and Managing Director, Geek Talent

  • Dominic Murphy will walk you through the latest job data on the Jersey economy and discuss the findings from the report into digital skills, automation and future of work.

Design Engineer Construct! Inspiring engineers of the future - David Roworth, Director of Digital, Technical and Vocational Skills, Skills Jersey

  • The story of how the new digital engineering programme, Design Engineer Construct! (DEC), launched in Jersey two years ago has benefited local students.
  • The programme was developed in partnership with Children, Young People, Education and Skills and Skills Jersey in collaboration with industry, to boost STEM skills in schools.. It is one of several initiatives to introduce more STEM-focused learning activities to the school curriculum.

New World New Skills: Upskilling the Channel Islands’ workforce for a digital world - Nick Vermeulen, Leyla Yildirim and Ali Cambray, PwC Channel Islands

  • Join this session for a preview of PwC Channel Islands' forthcoming report later this July, which looks at the impact of technology on jobs in Guernsey and Jersey to 2035, identifying both the number and type of jobs at risk of being lost, and the types of new jobs that could be created.
  • Hear PwC's view on the urgent need to digitally upskill the current and future CI workforce, together with examples of other jurisdictions, which are already reaping benefits from investments that have been made in this area.

You can find a full report on PwC's findings here.

Closing speech - Deputy Jeremy Maçon, Assistant Minister of Education


Senator Tracey Vallois – Minister for Education

Senator Vallois has been a member of the States Assembly for 12 years. First elected as a Deputy for St. Saviour in 2008, re-elected in 2011 and then elected as Deputy of St. John in 2014. Topped the poll in the 2018 Senatorial election and was appointed as Minister for Education.

Tracey has previously served as Assistant Minister for Education and Treasury, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and President of the Chairmen’s Committee of Scrutiny. Senator Vallois has committed to review Higher Education Funding following the adoption of the new model in 2018, which she was instrumental in the development of through her previous roles. Senator Vallois is passionate about creating a culture that recognises the value of both vocational and academic study, equally.

Debbie Reeve, Senior Manager, Aztec Financial Services (Jersey) Limited and Chair of the Student Sub-Committee of the Institute of Directors, Jersey

Debbie has been working in the financial services industry for 10 years, since graduating from the University of Exeter with a combined honours in History and Law.

Debbie began her professional career at Ernst & Young LLP (“EY”) locally, where she trained as an auditor and gained her Chartered Accountancy Qualification.

In April 2017 Debbie joined Aztec Financial Services (Jersey) Limited (“Aztec”), where she currently manages a team of accountants and administrators in their Real Assets Funds and Corporate Services product. During her time at Aztec Debbie had also obtained her Chartered Secretary qualification, with the Chartered Governance Institute

Throughout her career, Debbie had taken a strong interest in learning and development and has supported training initiatives at both EY and Aztec, as well as involvement in recruitment across all levels. More recently Debbie has assumed the role of Chair of the Student Sub-Committee of the Institute of Directors, Jersey, where alongside the rest of the Committee, Debbie helps nurture future talent by providing guidance to Sixth-Form and University students on their future career aspirations.

Adam Blackwood, Knowledge Exchange Lead and eLearning Consultabt, University of Kent

Adam has worked with Technology enhanced Learning (TEL) for over 20 years, from supporting students to selling to solutions to UK Forces and national commercial and public sector accounts. As a regional manager for the South East, he project managed and coordinated remote technical teams to deliver connectivity to over 70+ colleges across the region.

Because of his skills, passion and knowledge of mobile technology solutions for training and education he has sat on 3 national steering groups for resource development and also for assessing submissions for £16M of government funding. He has peer reviewed technology publications and doctorate submissions. He is a very experienced trainer and staff development strategist, having delivered in excess of 400 on-site and online training sessions to all tiers of staff from teaching practitioners to senior management teams.

His creative solutions for ensuring more effective and efficient use of technologies have seen his own organisations maintain and develop resources that were previously seen as unusable, or unnecessary. In 2017, he developed a new interactive publication which is designed to improve the engagement and skills of trainee teachers, staff and students for using mobile devices for their teaching and learning.

David Bailey, Chief Operating Officer, RBC Wealth Management International

David is Chief Operating Officer with RBC Wealth Management International. Based in Jersey, David’s responsibility is to play a leadership role in supporting the strategic agenda of the business. His key focus areas are to optimise financial performance, operational effectiveness, regulatory readiness and ensure that the business operates under a sound risk culture.

David joined RBC Wealth Management in 2001 as Senior Finance Manager before becoming Head of Finance in the Caribbean region in August 2011. He spent three years as Chief Financial Officer for Wealth Management International before moving into his current role in early 2019. Before joining RBC, David held various roles as Finance Manager with Barclays Private Banking, with Payoffshore.com and with Coconut, a web based email provider.

Born in Jersey, David was educated at De La Salle College. A qualified accountant, he is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA). In his spare time, David likes reading, walking and taking part in triathlons.

Katy Grady, Learning Manager, RBC Wealth Management British Isles

Originally from Jersey, Katy came back to the island in 2012 to take up the role of Learning Manager with RBC. She has worked in Learning & Development for over 15 years and has gained experience all over the world. Initially working for the youth development charity ‘Raleigh International’, she specialized in team and leadership development through experiential outdoor learning, based in London, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. More recently and prior to taking up her role with RBC, as a Trainer and Facilitator for Personal Effectiveness & Communication Skills and Management & Leadership Development, with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, in Brussels.

David Roworth, Director of Digital, Technical and Vocational Skills, Skills Jersey

David has worked in Jersey’s education service throughout a 28-year career.

Born and schooled in Jersey, David qualified as a teacher of Mathematics at Bristol University in 1990, returning to the island soon after that to begin teaching in the Island’s 11-16 secondary schools where he has served in several leadership roles, before being appointed as Headteacher of Haute Vallée School in 2014.

David took up his current post, which he describes as an ‘exciting and unique opportunity’, in 2018, and works centrally to build partnerships between local business and island schools to enrich learning opportunities for Jersey’s children of all ages.

David is a keen cyclist and also enjoys travel and boating with his wife and two daughters.

Dominic Murphy, Founder and Managing Director, Geek Talent

Dominic is founder and MD of Geek Talent - based in Sunderland they are focused on bringing education and employers closer together using their data science backed career information and labour market intelligence tools – their vision is to match education supply with labour market demands and close the UK skills gap once and for all.

Prior to founding Geek Talent Dominic was an IT Transformation lead for a Swiss bank and Big 4 consultancy helping advise on technology and people related strategy and investments covering Business Intelligence, regulatory reporting and software delivery.

Find out more about Dominic and Geek Talent

Nick Vermeulen, Partner and Innovation and Technology lead, PwC Channel Islands

Nick Vermeulen is the partner in charge of innovation and technology within PwC in the Channel Islands, specialising in financial services clients. He is a technologist at heart and accountant by training.

Nick is currently leading the firm’s own digital upskilling program looking at ensuring staff are fit

for the future. This gives him a unique insight into what is a cultural change program trying to bring curiosity, lifelong learning and agility into teams in a what is a highly regulated environment.

Nick likes to identify innovative solutions to solve current problems via collaboration. He recently assisted with the production of PPE in Guernsey with one work stream looking at how 3D printing could be deployed on Island to solve part of the issue. It resulted in the production of over 2000 visors being supplied to key workers. A great example of how modern manufacturing techniques can be deployed quickly to solve an issue.

You can find a full report on PwC's findings here.

Leyla Yildirim, Chief Strategy Officer, PwC Channel Islands

Leyla is the Chief Strategy Officer at PwC Channel Islands, working with its senior leaders to develop business strategy and execute implementation successfully. Leyla has over 20 years’ experience in professional services, working across a range of business operations including communications, business development, human capital, strategy and marketing.

Career experiences in the media, law and multiple roles in the PwC network have given Leyla insight into the challenges of bringing strategy to life and the behaviours needed to make change stick.

At PwC, Leyla has spent 15 years researching and writing about the future of work and the impact of the millennial generation.

Leyla’s specialties include marketing, communications, business development, project management, business strategy, human capital, talent, diversity and inclusion, senior executive development and strategy.

You can find a full report on PwC's findings here.

Ali Cambray, Senior Manager, PwC Channel Islands

Ali has 20 years' experience of strategy, policy, organisational design, implementation and change management across the public and private sectors in the UK and emerging economies.

Based in Jersey since 2012, she is a sustainable development specialist and has worked to integrate social and environmental considerations into decision-making at country, regional and organisation levels.

She is currently leading a new programme of work with the Government of Jersey to develop a future economic framework for the island, a central pillar of which is to further upskill Jersey’s workforce for the roles of the future.

You can find a full report on PwC's findings here.

Tony Moretta, CEO Digital Jersey

Tony has over 20 years of senior management experience across a wide range of digital industries, including mobile, online, broadcast, payments, advertising and data analytics, using the latest technological innovations to develop new revenue streams.

Tony began his career at NatWest on the graduate training programme, going on to spend 7 years there and rising to Senior Manager of Commercial Development in their cards business. He went on to work for Visa Europe as Vice President of New Products, where he developed a number of new electronic payment products. He took this interest in innovation to ITV Digital where he was Director of Interactivity, followed by senior positions at the National Grid Wireless and Digital Radio UK, where he increased digital radio sales from 5 million to 11 million in testing market conditions and persuaded the car industry to standardise it in all new models.

Before joining Digital Jersey, he was delivering a number of projects in the digital space for both the UK Government and major private sector companies, and was one of the founders of Weve, a joint venture between EE, O2 & Vodafone in mobile marketing, payments and data analytics.

As CEO of Digital Jersey Tony is responsible for delivering the organisation’s long-term economic, social and reputational objectives together with meeting annual business plan goals, to develop Jersey as a recognised digital jurisdiction.

Jo Terry-Marchant, Principal of Highlands College of Further and Higher Education

Jo has so far enjoyed a career in education spanning over 27 years in London and Jersey. Prior to joining Highlands College of Further and Higher Education, Jo worked in secondary schools and before that, the finance sector.

Jo believes that education transforms lives and in each of her settings has worked tirelessly to make this belief a reality. She has led major action research projects which focused upon developing staffs’ skills and knowledge to ensure that they are equipped with the right mindset and expertise to achieve the very best for their learners. She has a track record of breaking down barriers and delivering outstanding outcomes.

Jo’s vision for the College has never been more pertinent: “Our mission is to transform lives by empowering learners to find fulfilment and to make a positive social and economic contribution to our Island.” With her experience, she is uniquely qualified to drive innovation at Highlands College to create a fit for future workforce.

Born and educated in Jersey, she has a Masters in Education and Management and recently completed the Association of Colleges Senior Leadership Management programme. Jo is currently a member of Grainville School’s Governing body.

JASEC introducing:

Skills Directorate welcomes Professor Janine Griffiths-Baker, LL.B. (Hons), LL.M. (Bristol), Ph.D. (Bristol), P.F.H.E.A. to her new role as Director and Chief Executive of Institute of Law. We look forward to working closely with Janine in achieving joint and shared priorities in the Higher Education arena.

Professor Janine Griffiths-Baker, Director & Chief Executive, Institute of Law, Jersey. LL.B. (Hons), LL.M. (Bristol), Ph.D. (Bristol), P.F.H.E.A.

Professor Griffiths-Baker was appointed as Director and Chief Executive of the Institute of Law in Jersey in April 2020.

Prior to moving to Jersey, Janine previously held the post of Dean of Nottingham Law School. She was also Dean of the Faculty of Business and Society at the University of South Wales, Deputy Principal of St Mary’s University College London; Associate Dean and Head of the School of Law at the University of Bedfordshire; and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Bristol, where she started her career as a Lecturer in Law.

With over twenty-four years’ experience in higher education, she is passionate about access to education and life-long learning. Her research expertise particularly lies in legal ethics and professional regulation. Janine’s work has been widely referred to both nationally and internationally, and she has frequently advised national and international bodies and governments on regulatory issues and training. She was appointed as a Professor of Law at the age of 36.

With extensive experience of academic leadership and programme development, she was made a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2015.

Deputy Jeremy Maçon - Assistant Minister of Education

Deputy Maçon is now serving his fifth term of office as Deputy for St. Saviour No. 1 district. First elected in 2008, re-elected in 2011, 2014 and 2018.

Currently serving as Assistant Minister for three Ministries, Education, Social Security and Health and Community Services. Jeremy has been delegated responsibility for the political oversight of Skills Jersey and Higher Education and all departmental appeal hearings.

A previous Chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel and a member of the Chairman’s Committee. Jeremy also previously chaired the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel and championed the issue of Higher Education Funding, carrying out two reviews which were instrumental to achieving increased funding in 2018.

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