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Compromise of 1850

September 1850

This act was made so that Nebraska and Kansascould decide for themselves if they wanted slavery in their territory. It conflicted with the Missouri Compromise because they were north of latitude 36'30. Slavery was banned in these areas due to the Missouri Compromise.

Uncle Toms Cabin Published

March 1852

This book was created by Harriet Beecher Stove. It was a work of fiction, but it triggered southern slave owners because it made them seem like evil people who treated their slaves like trash. They didn't like this idea. The anti slavery people in the north believed this book to be very accurate.

Republican Party Formed

July 1854

Some people were still really salty about the Kansas Nebraska act. They thought they couldn't hang with either political party at they time, so they made their own party, with the goal to limit and maybe abolish slavery. This was called the Republican Party.

Fighting Broke out between pro-slavery and Anti-slavery activists at Bleeding Kansas

May 1856

Even after the Kansas Nebraska Act, both northerners and southerners came here. They tried to vote to see if they could either make Kansas a free state or slave state. They really didn't like eachother and they eventually ended up throwing hands. In 1861 they eventually became a free state, but lots of ppl lost their lives after all of the fighting.

Dred Scott Decision

March 1857

This man was savage. He sued his last slave owner for keeping him as a slave in territory that was a free state at the time. He said that because he was a slave when he shouldn't have been, he should become a citizen. The court was like "nah fam" and said he couldn't be a citizen because he was black. Wack.

Lincoln Douglas Debates

August- October 1858

These two men were both running for president. Lincoln was against slavery and Douglas was for slavery. Slavery was the main topic of these debates. Lincoln got popular for his belief that slavery was wrong and wanted to limit slavery to where it already existed.

John Browns Raid on Harpers Ferry

October 1859

Radical abolitionist wanted to start a major slave revolt.but they needed weapons, so they attacked a government arsenal in Virginia. They thought that slaves would hear and wanna join the party but no one did. They were caught out and were killed. People looked up to him as a hero and a villain depending on the side they supported.

Lincoln Elected as President

November 1860

He was elected but people from the south were not happy because they didn't wanna change their way of life.

South Carolina Seceded from the Union

December 1860

When Lincoln was elected as president they got mad and they thought it was unacceptable so they left the union so they could keep their slaves.

Confederate states formed by seceding states

February 1861

After Lincoln became president, a total of 11 states left the union to form a the Confederacy led by Jefferson Davis.

President Lincoln Inaugurated

March 1861

While he had been elected the previous November, President Lincoln did not officially take office until almost four months later. In his speech he promised the South not to interfere with slavery where it already existed, and stated his position that no state could legally secede from the United States. All states would be expected to obey the laws of the United States.

Confederate Troops attacked Fort Sumter- Civil War begins.

April 1861

The states that had seceded had seized United States property within their borders. One post that had not been taken was Fort Sumter on an island in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. The Confederate government demanded the surrender of this fort. Lincoln chose to refuse, and sent ships with supplies to help the troops holding Fort Sumter. Before the supply ships could arrive, however, the Confederates attacked the fort and forced it to surrender. With this act the Civil War had begun.

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