Team Work Makes The Dream Work!! By: rashon (savage) McIntyre

How do you make a winning basketball team? work hard together and communicate with each other. A winning basketball needs to There are 30 teams in the NBA and these teams play 82 games a season and it takes a lot of passion and hard work to become a championship team.

Hard work never killed anyone.

To have a winning basketball team you have to endure and buy into the game. Build your skill level. To go along with hard work, it also builds up your character. You need to train hard and you have to want to get better for yourself. Always know that practice never makes you perfect but it will make you better then you already are.

You are one with each other when your on the court.

Now since it takes a whole team to win instead of one person, you need team work. The team needs to know how to work together. They have to communicate with each other. In order for a team to win the chemistry needs to be very high. If a team has that right balance of chemistry, team spirit, talent, and coaching they easily be brought to the very top.

Be dedicated to each other and the game.

Dedication is one of the last things you need to know when you have a winning basketball team. The team as a whole has to believe as well as put forth the effort that they can win. Discipline is also needed, you have to learn and get into a rhythm of playing and working hard. Some things like warm ups and getting your shot better. Im dedicated to the game & I try my best.

Stay practicing and working hard.

Life is like basketball no matter what it throws at you, a little hard work and dedication will see you through.


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