Tintoretto was born on September 29, 1518 in Venice, Italy, In the middle of the Renaissance period and died on may 31, 1594 in venice, italy.

Tintoretto spent most of his life in Venice, he did not feel the need to travel anywhere else. He loved the arts incorporated in all the architecture around the city he was also very gifted with musical instruments his specialty being the flute.

He was an apprentice for Titian for 10 days when Titian sent him home because he was jealous of how good Tintoretto proved to be with his artistic abilities.

The type of art he specialized in was painting, sculptures and drawing. He had a famous collaboration piece with andrea meldolla, together they painted palazzo zen . One of his most famous paintings is Miracle of the slave.

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This piece was created in 1548 and is still around today. currently this art piece Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice. It shows a slave being tackled by guards. Also it shows the people running away from the guards. I personally find this piece so interesting because it shows the chaoticness of the civilization really shows social classes and how they run their government.

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