Severe Weather Formation By: Aaliyah williams

Thunderstorm Formation

Thunderstorms form when warm, humid (moist) air rises. They go through 3 stages in this order: cumulus, mature, and dissipating. The cumulus stage is when warm air rises creating updrafts while the clouds grow bigger. The mature stage is when the clouds are at its biggest and has a big amount of water. The dissipating stage is when the precipitation cools the cloud down and the storm dies.

Tornado Formation

Tornados form from 3 easy steps. First off, a thunderstorm begins and warm air starts to rise. Next, warm air begins to rotate creating a mesocyclone. Finally, air begins to roll creating the vortex.

Hurricane Formation

In order for a hurricane to form, it must have warm water temperatures that creates warm wet air. First, it begin as a bunch of thunderstorms. Next, warm air from storms moves to the center and rises creating clouds. Then, clouds form a ring called an eye wall. After that, the ring spins and grows. Finally, the storm dies once it goes into land since all of its power is left in the oceans.


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