School By: keighan, Because i wrote about what is boring.... JK

  • School is a prison,
  • In math you learn division,
  • You are locked in 8 hours a day,
  • All students want to do is go on their phones and play
  • School is like a huge dog pound
  • Their are mostly only students who walk around
  • Most people are as happy as can be
  • But i would rather be a christmas tree
  • I heard a dog talking
  • It reminded me of school teachers barking
  • Wait is that right or write
  • I don't know i pretend school is knight
  • If you make us learn why don't we get paid
  • I mean are brains are being used as a maid
  • School is boring is what i think
  • Or did i mean is what i blink
  • I don't get the difference between night and knight
  • Also i don't know what to right
  • But i think knight means to sleep
  • And night is people who help the king Sweep


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