Steam Engines steam engine is a machine that is run by heat

Before the steam engines were created people had to walk every to trade and travel. After Steam engines were created it helped people trade and travel anywhere. Also, it helped move goods produced in mills and factories to consumers.

Pros about steam engines: It could use any combustible material for fuel, it could be located any where since water was heated in a separated boiler to produce steam, and it is more powerful than a Wind-mill or Water-mill
Cons about steam engines: It was unsafe to use its boiler can burst, it was not very efficient, it cannot be started at a moment’s notice
My advancement did have a positive effect on human society. The steam engine can be used to run trains to go to one place to another. This helped because it was easier for people to travel. Also, It could be used at any time because steam can be used at any time. This helped because people can go anywhere at any time. These reasons show why my advancement had a positive effect on human society.


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