The gray wolf is a mammal that lives in the Taiga. The Taiga is found in Europe, Asia, North America, and along the border of the Arctic Tundra.

Gray wolves can be different colors like black, white, brown, or red. The gray wolf is 27 to 33 inches long. It weighs around 65 to 120 pounds. On their body they have thick fur and sharp claws. Gray wolves are related to the coyote and the fox.

Gray wolves are omnivores. They mostly eat meat, but sometimes eat plants and berries. They eat deer, elk, moose, caribou, wild sheep, goat, bison, beavers, and muskox. Sometimes they wait for their prey to get sick and then attack. If they eat a furry animal, they poop out fur.

Gray wolves need a space near water so they do not have to go far when the pups are young. If a mother cannot find a den she will dig her own. Gray wolves live on their own, not with other pack mates.

Gray wolves have adapted at night so they have better night vision. In the winter, wolves will grow thick coats to survive. Hawks, eagles, and bears will hunt baby gray wolves. Gray wolves have sharp teeth and sharp claws.

Some interesting facts about gray wolves are they can have up to 10 pups at a time. Even young pups howl to show that they are part of a pack. Wolves can have 42 teeth, some oven an inch long. When pups are hungry, they lick the snouts of adult wolves. Wolves have wide and furry paws so they don’t sink as much in the snow.

Gray wolves are an important part of the world. They are interesting animals.


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