Around the World we go! BY: JILLIAN WILLIAMS


The Masjid Al-harm in Makkah, Saudi Arabia is known as the holiest sites in the islam religion. The Kabaa (the black cube located at the center of the temple) is known as the holiest object in Islam. It is said that every healthy muslim, with adequate financial resources, is expected to take a pilgrimage (haji) to Mecca at some point in their life. The reason this site is holy to Muslims is because it was the birth place of Muhammad which is known to be the founder of Islam. Millions of Muslims travel to Mecca each year to complete their pilgrimage. As I walked around, I saw many marble columns holding surrounding the mosque. In the center a large stone cube that was being touched and prayed on by hundreds of people.


The Ganges river is the holiest site for Hinduism. Hindus are expected to take a pilgrimage (Tirtha) to the ganges river for purification. The river is considered the holiest because it is said to "spring forth from the hair of Siva, one of the main deities (God or Goddess). Millions gather at the Ganges every year in an attempt to be purified. As I walked around I saw hundreds of people bathing and praying in the river. I see men, women, and children pouring the holy water over their heads. It has become so popular and busy that many people have opened shops near buy to make an extra buck!


Jerusalem is known as the holiest city to the religion of Christianity. The holiest church in Jerusalem, the church of the Holy Sepulchre, was constructed over the site where Jesus Christ (known to be the savior of all humanity) was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead. As I entered the church, I saw hundreds of people praying and hundreds of candles lit.


Lumbini is known as one of the holiest sights in Buddhism. Lumbini is the birth place of Buddha, also known as "Tagatha" (the one who has found truth). Buddha is seen as a god in this religion because he found "the path to Enlightenment". This path is a spiritual way to understand the meaning of life. The path contains five steps to successfully be enlightened. The first step is the awakening which unlocks something in you that you might not of noticed previously. The second step is the alarm clock which may cause you to feel as if reality is a dream. The third step is the purge which may cause you to want to share your findings a spiritual belief with others. The fourth step is acceptance which fully devotes your soul into the believes of Buddhism. The fifth and final step is understanding/ enlightenment which is putting your identity aside in order to completely devote your self to the beliefs of Buddhism. As I walked around, I saw many beautiful trees and flowers. I saw a golden statue of Buddha placed on grey stone surrounded by flowers and trees. The temple was made of white stone with golden statues placed in the middle and on the top.


The city of Tiberias is one of the holiest cities in Judaism. It is beleived in this religion that eventually the resurrection of the dead will eventually happen here. As I walked around, I saw hundreds of homes crowded together on hilltops. The beauty of the city has caused it to be an attraction to tourist because of its beautiful blue waters. The man resorts attract thousands of tourist every year.


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