Nelson Mandela Speech By garrett Nettesheim

PS: This paper is written by the view of Nelson Mandela when he is giving a calculation speech (fake)

I am Nelson Mandela, the president of South Africa. When I was first released from prison, South Africa was divided in two. Whites and Blacks. I could tell the whites were not happy with my release. They insulted the blacks. They were on “top” and had all the power, leaving the blacks with nothing but hurt. Everywhere I looked, places I saw were always the same. White had nice, clean, and lovely places to play sports in or live in, Blacks, on the other hand, were playing their sports in yellowed grassed, poorly made, and torn apart places and living in rundown neighborhoods, but for all of this “trash” the Blacks had, the whites did nothing to help. Whites had all the power and control but never did, nor wanted too , give any of that power to the Blacks. They kept it to themselves, all to themselves. Even through all of this, I could still tell this would be important and it was. Why, you might ask. Well, it showed me what I had to work with. I showed me what I had to do to mend this country together. From that time, when I was released for prison, it showed I had to work very, very hard to complete my goals. I showed me how the country I knew oh so well was falling apart. I also showed I needed to do something. If this country kept each other dividing in two, the country would never be a great country. So, I knew at the time I needed to do something to help and heal this county.

Nelson Mandela

Then, after lots, and lots of hard work I became The President of South Africa. When I first came into my office many, many White people were packing up their items and leaving. There was a reason, they either could not work with blacks as their boss, still thinking the were on top, or were thinking they could not work there because I would not allow it. They were wrong. I then told them they could leave or stay but if they do stay I wanted them to stay as long as they could work their hardest. Then, in return, I would work my hardest too. Some conflict started right away though, Whites and Blacks were tence. Whites were not used to having Blacks as their boss or as their partner's. The Blacks were not happy there was still Whites in the building, they thought I would remove all Whites from the building. This would show its importance by showing me my “before photo”. This has a very similar importance to when I was released from prison. It was like the Blacks were going to rule over the Whites, and it felt like everyone thought that. I wanted for everyone to be equal in and out of my office. I realized now more than ever that I had to work so much and work very hard to complete my , at the time , far fetched dream, challenge, and goal.

Then, soon I whent to my first rugby game. Springbok vs. England. It was nothing like this world cup game. The people there were almost all White and few Blacks that were there were all cheering for England. The Whites were holding one of two flag. One was the old flag and the other was the new flag. Most of the people carrying flags were carrying the old flag to say they did not want me as their president. They still wanted a White president. There were mixed reactions at me coming to the game. Some people were cheering for me, but many of them were booing at me. At the time not many Whites thought I could lead this country. This showed me what I need to do to mend the country into one, giving its importance. It gave me an idea of what I needed to do to group it together. I needed to use rugby. The sport was a classically “White” and if I got Blacks to like the sport the Blacks could like Whites more. How? Well they would have a thing in common , so they could talk, and start to think as equals. This would lader prove very, very useful in my goal, and dream.

Then I leaped into my plan of action. I started by telling the couch of the Springboks, Jacobus Francois Pienaar, to have his team to travel all over South Africa to practice. I did this so the team would get to know this country well and play with our youth, so they would have Black kids supporting them the whole way to the world cup. At first the team was hesitant. They would have to play in play with kids, not focusing on the important training but this was their important training. At this time people of both races did not really like the Springbok for they had been not winning their games. This, practice helped with this not only making Blacks like the sport more. Whites started liking the sport more too because of all this travel practice. It is clear why this event was important. The country was mending itself together. Whites and Blacks were not hurting or insulting each other as much. Blacks were now becoming more and more of a human being to the Whites, not just salves.

The final thing to talk about, is the world cup. This final world cup was a hugely wonderful thing for our country and wonderful for my goal of mending this country together. The country was one and this final game of the world cup boosted the country up. Blacks and Whites were friends and laughing and cheering together at this wonderful event. Springbok was working harder because the had the support of all the whites AND many of the Blacks. I saw in the stands that all the people with a flag cheering for the Springbok were holding the new flag and not the old one.

This important event tied the knot on my dream. My dream that is now a reality. The country was now one, not split in two. It was a great, connected country for Whites and Blacks to live in peace. The importance of this event was that it was the bow on top of the great dream of the connected country that South Africa is today.

Written by Garrett Nettesheim

In the presecitve of Nelson Mandlea

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