Unique Resins Ltd Penguin Pool Refurbishment Case study for the application of a seamless spray applied membrane for dudley zoo

Unique Resins Limited were approached by Dudley Zoo to provide a solution to a long term problem with their Penguin pool.

After a site survey was carried out, it was discovered that the Penguin pool was in a very poor state, requiring immediate action to prevent potential harm coming to the penguins. Over the years many different types of systems had been used in an attempt to repair and maintain the penguin pool, however, these systems all failed to provide the Zoo with a durable product.

The condition of the penguin pool before work began.

Following the site survey, we provided the client with a detailed specification outlining what work needed to be carried out in order to provide them with a safe, watertight penguin pool.

First Phase - Preparation Works

Part of the specification was for Unique Resins Ltd's operatives to remove all loose and damaged coatings previously applied, and to repair any damaged areas.

The area was cleared and cleaned to enable a detailed inspection. On inspection, cracks and defects in the substrate were found. These were repaired and reinforced with polyester bandage embedded into resin to strengthen the repaired areas.

Phase Two - Spot repair

Once the repair work had been completed, we primed the whole penguin pool area with a twin pack Epoxy Primer and pore filler.

Phase Three - Primer System

After the primed surface had been given sufficient time to cure, Unique Resins Ltd carried out an inspection of the area. Once checked and swept clean from falling debris, the area was ready for the application of our fast curing waterproofing Pure Polyurea system.

Phase Four - Unique Resins CE certified Pure Polyurea Spray Applied Membrane

Spray application of the Pure Polyurea Waterproofing Membrane.

Unique Resins CE Certified Pure Polyurea cures within 10 seconds allowing the Unique Resins Ltd operatives to walk back over the spayed coating to check for any small defects.

Sprayed pool surface being checked and spot coated.

Stage Five - Completed project before being filled.

The Unique Resins CE Certified Pure Polyurea applied to the Penguin Pool at 3mm DFT (Dry Film Thickness) is a seamless, waterproof, wear resistant, zero maintenance, animal friendly, easy cleaned system. This application will last in excess of 20 years.

Dudley Zoo's penguins happy in their refurbished home.

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Unique Resins Limited & Dudley Zoo

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