Habitat #1 Cas Slagboom | Photographic Wanderings

Thank you for watching. This artwork is one of a series committed to the delicate balance between human beings and their natural environment.

Magnifying Beauty

I seek beauty in the way in which the combination of different images evoke an experience.

For me, photography is more than capturing the perfect moment. Every time I try to capture my astonishment with a single photo, I am disappointed. This was not what I want to see and feel. It is larger, more complex, more diffuse. I have to bring all those fragments together. In compositions in which they together tell a story that transcends my understanding. So, that every time I look at it, I can be surprised again.

All the photographic technology that we have to capture our world in images may give us the idea that we really "see" it. But nothing gives me more liberty than letting go of this straight way of observing, in order to experience the shortest route to wonder, and the love that follows from it. I use modern technology to find a visual language that exceeds the photographic moment, so that there is sufficient room for the complexity of what we call reality.

Created By
Cas Slagboom