Human computer Interaction by:Samanta Ky

Computers, what do they include?

The term “computer” includes a wide varity of objects that you might not even think come close to computers

A computer is an electronic device that can store and process memory as well as have the ability to receive input and give back output. To compute something is to process something

Parts of a computer

Not everybody know everything about computers, and when it comes to purchasing a computer it's difficult to pick because of the lack of information is known about a computer. So when it comes to choosing a computer there are lots of different things you would want to familierize with.

Hard Drives - controls how much storage and files that are kept in a single device

different brands of processors work at different speeds and the way that they process information won't be the same as other brands. Therefore when looking at processors you have to take into account everythings they include. Such as: price, how long they last, which version etc.

There are several more features to consider as well, operating system, keyboard, sound card, moniter size, speakers, video card, memory, and optical drive


Piktochart is a website designed to help you create infographics it is a great collabrative tool. Although two people cannot work on it at the same time unless you pay for the premium account. You are alble to use any pictures from the internet, and although it is a great tool there are many other tools similar to Piktochart. This website is great for creating graphs charts or anytype in imformational pamphlet

Website Evaluation

Deciding whether websites pictures or certain imformation are correct.

These are good things to check for to see if your imformation is reliable, Some domains are very reliable such as .gov because it means that this imformation is from the government or government approved which can generally be very helpful. Domains such as .com are not always as true. This is because anyone can have a .com domain. When anyone is able to create information sometimes the imformation is not accurate.

Ways to Communicate

Texting - mainly used to communicate minor details that don't heed much emotional signifigance.

Phone Call - they are a little more personal than texting because you are actually talking to the person. Mainly are used to communicate significant imformation when they need to be contacted quickly

Social Media ( twitter, facebook ) - These databases are mainly used to share information that needs a lot of feedback. Although these ways of communication can lead to backfire due to the lack of privacy. Social media is a faster way of communicating imformation to a broader audience. Although it is difficult to take things off social media and can backfire.

Email- a very formal way of communicating between people

When doing any kind of communication online, things are always being recorded about you. Whether it be your birthday, age, or even your person search history. Even when your not posting someone might be able to obtain your IP address and your location.

Tell a Story

When different ways of imformation are communicated the results can vary

When given a list that is organized in a neat way the results of the room tended to be very organized as well. When clumped in a disorganized way the results of the room tended to be more messy even though the imformation given in the two were virtually the same

Visualizing Data - Culturally Situated Design Tool

The Navajo people used rugs to communicate their stories and how they lived. To them their rugs weren't just art or a fancy design, they were stories about their past, families, etc. While examining there rugs you learn the math that is involved. Since almost all rugs are created with fourfold symmetry it is very easy to construct the other four corners of the rug from the original. All you have to do is change the points from a negative to a positive or visa vera according to which quadrant you are creating.


intelligence is measured by the objects ability to recieve , process, and make decisions on it's own.

I believe that computers do not have intelligence because they do not make decisions on their own. They are programmed to do these actions and therefore do not fit the definition of Intelligence. Many computers are designed to trick you into thinking that you are talking to an actual human, but they are just programmed to talk to you in a certain way

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