Charles-Augustin Coulomb june 14th 1736 - August 23rd 1806

Born June 14th, 1736 in Angoulême, France and died on August 23rd, 1806 in Paris, France.

His Contributions to Science.

Torsion balance also called the torsion pendulum it’s a scientific apparatus for measuring very weak forces. Invented in 1777. In 1784, he published a paper on the elasticity of wires under twisting stress. This backs up to the torsion balance. It’s a way of measuring the forces of frictional electricity and magnetism.

He wrote seven papers that explained many different aspects of electricity and magnetism. It led to him formulating his theory known as Coulomb’s Law. It explained that when the force between two electrical charges are proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the equal distance between each object.

Degrees Earned.

Earned an engineering degree at Mezieres and became a lieutenant in the military engineering force. Then soon after that pursued a study in physics.

Random Facts.

He was enrolled into a military school in 1759 and graduated from Royal Engineering School of Mézières (École royale du génie de Mézières) in 1761.

He worked in structural design and soil mechanics early on.


by Kimber-Lyn Thomas

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