Wolverine and it's lifestyle


The wolverine, as you can see on this map, lives in cold places like Siberia and Alaska.

Because wolverines are born and grow up with very warm fur, there range hasn't changed in history.

The wolverine's biome is mostly cold weather.


Wolverines sometimes eat berries and vegetation, but since the're predators, they eat meat. Wolverines can take down a full grown male caribou single handedly!


The wolverine has a broad head and small eyes with a lighter colored face and a stripe running down it's body. It weighs from 35 lbs to 70 lbs.

There aren't many differences between male and female wolverines not counting weight. There is a large difference in weight.


Female wolverines give birth in the winter in a den. Young wolverines are called kits and are born as white as snow.

Mating season:Late spring to late summer.

Litter size:1-5 kits, North America:1-2 kits.


Wolverines do not hibernate. Wolverines are scavengers





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