My hero Sid Newberry Smock

Throughout my life I have never met a man more inspirational and kind hearted as my grandfather Sid Newberry Smock. He had a great sense of humor that left an impression on everyone's lives, especially mine. He helps those in need to his best ability even if he can only give advice.

One of my greatest memories of him is his hit song "My Dog Has Fleas." He sang this to everyone in the morning to wake us up. The entire song was horribly out of tune and scratchy. It usually started and ended with, "My dog has fleas, so get out of bed!" This was the only chorus, verse, or group of lyrics in the song. He repeated it until we all got up but none of us were annoyed or angry. He presented the song in such a way that we laughed about it even after getting forced from our comforters.

I love everyone in my life from my family to my friends. My grandfather is just the light bulb that shines brighter in my memories. He has taught me to be selfless, helpful, and to have a great sense of humor.

He is the man who told me to follow my dreams and he would be proud of me every step of the way. He used his humor to cheer us up including his favorite quote, "Off we go like a herd of turtles." He would tell us that whenever we took our time leaving the house.

In my opinion my grandfather is closely related to Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Both offer care and a hand in time of need. In the beginning of the Harry Potter series Harry immediately forms a connection with Albus. Throughout most of his time at Hogwarts Harry learns valuable lessons from Albus. Even after death Harry is able to gain the knowledge he needs to conquer what ever fear he has to overcome. This reminds me of my grandfather in many ways. He showed me humor and gave me a light to follow when I was growing up. I followed that path and I still do today. Even after life parted with him, his memory and love gave me the inspiration to go beyond my comfort zone.

I remember this as the first drawing that I made of my family. My sisters in the middle, my parents on the left (my mom was wearing black clothes that day), and my grandparents on the right. I remember how proud I was of that drawing. Everyone congratulated me on it or said that it was amazing which I all appreciated. However, my grandfather said, "Why don't we keep this to remember this day by." That one sentence filled me with pride and joy. To this day I still have the picture and I can use it to remember him by now.

My ideal picture of my hero is someone who leads others and leaves behind a trail that others can follow. They show what generosity and willingness to help looks like. They are the ones who leave a memory of themselves brighter than the sun in other's memories for ages to come. My grandfather fits in with many of these characteristics, but not all. He passed away a few years ago and that impacted me incredibly. Even though he continues to be in my memories and sets an example, I can't learn from him anymore.

All in all my grandfather never failed to impress me and was never short of expectations. Through his presence I was able to become what I am today.

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