There I was, playing cloud tag. If you don't know about cloud tag it is about a raindrop with a cloud piece and you touch the other raindrop that is running. Max started out with the cloud ( that's me ). And I tried to tag James and Ash. I could not tag them because I started to get fatter it seamed. But I was actually precipitating.

Cloud tag

Paragraph 2

Face of determination

I was falling so fast it felt I was falling as fast as a Olympic gold mettle winner. Then I saw and ocean near an island then " SPLASH. " I was in Hawaii.

Hawaii, A sight I never seen before.

" Surfs up new guy " said a man with long hair to me "What does that mean " I responded " Oh my this droplet." The Hawaii droplet sighs.

I had to deal with that droplet for 500 more years, I wanted to move to a lake. My friends Ash and James from the cloud said that it is better their then any place. So I had to wait to evaporate and become mist.

Like how I said 500 years later, I think I exaggerated, I think it was like 50 years. I think time for droplets goes faster for Humans, I don't know.

Paragraph 3


One day I finally evaporated. And as I did I mocked the Hawaii droplet by saying" Surfs up little dude " in his voice wile making a phone symbol waving my hand side to side.

As I evaporated from the sea I sat back and relaxed. Soon I made it to the ground. Maybe an hour long trip up to as I got up I realized this was my old cloud and it did not have my friends. I was sad but new they where some where nice. And as I said that I realized I said some where nice and I new I had to find them.

Paragraph 4

I was hoping I would precipitate soon so I could find James and Ash. I can tell you in droplet years it was 100 years in human years it was 10 year so I'm pretty happy. But soon I found out my home cloud was not a regular cloud. IT WAS A TROPICAL STORM CLOUD!

Soon I was in a hurricane. The hurricane slowly moved near Florida and it was apparently an EF2 hurricane. When we got closer to Florida the hurricane slowly evaporated into the air. But I was not in my home cloud. So I waited ten human years again until I precipitated.

Paragraph 5

As I precipitated I saw a lake and I was praying I would find James and Ash. And it turned out I did. I was so happy because maybe I would have a chance to stay with them for a long time. Because if we stay together we may precipitate at the same place same time.

" Is that Max " Ash asked James " ya I think so "Jame's replied to Ash.

Then Ash and James swam over to me and immediately asked me how I found them, so I explained the whole story.

Paragraph 6

They laughed so hard because they told me they just arrived here as well. I immediately yelled some words my anger management teacher would not be happy about. I asked them if they went through a hurricane. They did so I yelled some more words. "It was scary." Ash whispered to me and then you can guess what I yelled.


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