Latinos United Promoting Education and Civic Engagement

What is our story? Why do we exist? Need local, county and state statistics.


The mission of this organization is to empower the Latino community to become more autonomous participating members of society through education.


We envision a world where Latinos have equal access to education and influence in society.


1. Create a united board to support the stated mission and vision.

2. Empower Latinos to advance their education.

3. Cultivate the Latino community to embrace their cultural identity and heritage.

4. Empower Latinos to effectively interact with government organizations.


1a. Develop organizational plan.

1b. Establish by-laws.

1c. Hire support staff.

2a. Connect them to relevant resources.

2b. Provide training to enable Latinos to learn how to interface effectively with the education system.

2c. Provide training to help Latino parents how to better educate themselves and their children.

3a. Develop programs that facilitate positive cultural experience for Latinos.

3b. Educate local organizations about the value of Latino history, traditions, and contributions.

4a. develop training to teach strategies to effectively participate in government organizations.

current projects

past projects

On September 16, 2014 A joint proclamation was made by Ogden City to make Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 "Hispanic Heritage Month" in Ogden.

Meeting with City Officials



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