Anderson Lodge 48PA250 Listed on NRHP

The Place

Anderson Lodge Area

Anderson Lodge (48PA250) includes both the main, 2-story structure and a near by single room cabin. Both of which contribute the the site's significance.

Hired Hands Cabin
Anderson Lodge

Listed on National Register of Historic Places

Anderson Lodge (48PA250) was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1987 based on its association with broad patterns of history - the origins of the Forest Service (NRHP Criterion A), its association with a person of local and national significance (A.A. Anderson; NRHP Criterion B), and it embodies distinctive characteristics of construction and use (NRHP Criterion C). This property, remote in the Washakie Wilderness (Shoshone National Forest), is one of the more unique sites in Park County.

Important Events

NRHP Criterion A

Contributes to a major pattern in American History

Anderson Lodge is associated with events important to broad patterns of history: the national conservation movement and development of the USDA Forest Service governmental agency, from 1891 to 1907.

Significant People

NRHP Criterion B

Associated with significant people of the American past

A.A. Anderson was instrumental in development and management of the first national Forest Reserves, from 1901 to 1906, and an artist and rancher of local importance.


A.A. Anderson’s favorite self-description was “artist-hunter.” In his autobiography he wrote, “The two ruling passions of my life have always been hunting and painting.” But Anderson, who founded the Palette Ranch west of Meeteetse, Wyoming Territory, in the 1880s, played other roles, too: Rancher, conservationist, author, publisher, philanthropist, world traveler, patron of aviation, and celebrity networker. And the best window into this man and the challenges of his times may come from his brief, controversial time as a forester—as superintendent of the Yellowstone Forest Reserve from 1902–05.

From "Conservation politics: 'Triple A' Anderson and the Yellowstone Forest Reserve" (Clayton 2017)

Distinctive Architecture

NRHP Criterion C

Anderson Lodge exhibits  distinctive characteristics by its architecture and construction, including having great artistic value or being the work of a master.

Restoration and Repair are underway

Working with HistoriCorps, the Shoshone National Forest has been undertaking several years work at Anderson Lodge. In 2018, work on the smaller, Hired Hand's Cabin was completed.

Repair of Hired Hand's Cabin has been completed.

2020 will be a big year for work at the Lodge, and you can volunteer with HistoriCorps!

Anderson Lodge was built on a steep, unstable slope and parts of the stucture have been sliding downslope and is in need of stabalization and other work to assure that it will last another hundred years. HistoriCorps and the Shoshone National Forest plan additional work at the site it 2020 with emphasis on the main lodge itself, stabilizing the building and dragging it uphill, back to its original foundation. The work will be under the guidance of an experienced house mover.

Park County Historic Preservation Commission L.C. Todd (5 February 2020)