Let's Talk “I like good strong words that mean something…” ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Kimberly Petersen, in her humble beginnings.

My parents taught me at a young age to love stories. My dad would always tell me that stories connected people somehow, an idea that captivated my young mind. Life was never boring with bipolar siblings, a creative writer for a father, and an ever-optimistic mother, but through our trials I stayed happy by writing. I dreamed that one day I'd be a published novelist and travel the world collecting more stories. I only had one problem: I was painfully shy and hated talking. Despite the fact that the only communication I could adequately achieve was on paper, I wasn't ready to give up.

Ambitions like that can take a person anywhere, but they took me straight to the theater.
Performing became my outlet and my passion, with it came a love of public speaking.

I performed in shows throughout high school, participated in public speaking competitions, and continued pursuing my love of storytelling. After graduating high school, I was determined to serve an LDS mission, where I honed my communication skills and shared my story of Jesus Christ. During my mission, I met scores of people with incredible stories; however, some of those people were afraid to speak, just like I was. But I discovered that people can draw strength from the experiences of others.

I remembered what it was like to live in a world of silence; I wanted to be the voice for those who were afraid to speak.

After returning home from my mission, journalism unexpectedly slipped into my mind as a possible career. Being a part of broadcasting, traditional news writing, and public relations became my new goal. I knew the world of communications was where I needed to be.

Serving an LDS Mission in Tucson, Arizona
Since then, I've been accepted into BYU, married my best friend, Calvin, and started seeking new ways to get involved and serve others through writing and public speaking.

So, let's talk. Let's talk about words that mean something! News Media is an opportunity to tell the truth, to lift and inspire, to teach and to illuminate. I've come a long way since my timid and introverted days. I've been able to see how communication connects us in ways we never thought possible. Whether we suffer from loneliness, mental illness, misunderstanding, or fear, we can find common ground by sharing our experiences through stories.

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Kimberly Petersen

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