Problem of Evil Maxwell, Jessica, Roxanne, Stella

Words To Know

All-loving or to be good without measure
To have unlimited power, ; able to do anything and everything
People who believe that God(who is omnibenevolent and omnipotent)does not exist argue that by talking about the continuing existence of evil.

Is There Only One Type of Evil?

There are three types of Evil in the world which are ontological, natural, and moral.

Ontological Evil

Ontological evils can be described as imperfections. God is perfect because he is unchangeable. Something that is able to be changed is an imperfection.

Natural Evil

Natural Evil comes as a result of nature. Natural Evil presents a greater theological challenge than moral evil. Natural disasters and diseases don't result from human activity.

Moral Evils

Contrary to the will of God. It is caused by a free created will acting against the Law of God.

Problem of Evil

The existence of Evil is the only argument against God which there are many answers and arguments too but here are two.

St. Augustine says that only a God so powerful can bring good out of an evil situation so that the greater good may prevail.

St. Thomas Aquinas argues de that evil is the lack of good that should be present. It is possible for finite good to bring evil while the infinite good allows both views of the greater good.


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