Club Rush 2019 How you can get involved!

Article by: Isabelle Stid, Callista Mille, and Jane White.

The Carla Club

The Carla Club analyzes current events through poetry. This is their first year as a club at MA and they meet every Tuesday in G-14, Ms. Ferreira's room.

Girls Learn International Club

Girls Learn International is a club dedicated to raising awareness surrounding women's issues around the world, they even have a pen pal program with a school in Sierra Leone. They meet on Fridays in Ms. Ferreira's G-14 and Mr. Duarte's room H-4 (they switch off).

Build On Club

Build On builds schools across the world and does service in the Bay Area. This year's service trip will be building a school in Guatemala. They've been to Haiti, Senegal, and Malawi to build schools as a team. The Build On meetings are on Wednesdays in C-4 at lunch.

Genders and Sexualities Alliance

The Genders and Sexualities Alliance advocates for change on campus and to raise awareness on issues in the LGBTQ community. Room B-3 provides a safe place for LGBTQ students every Wednesday at lunch.

We Club

WE Club is a club doing service at MA and in the community. It's a fun environment to get involved in community service. They meet every other Wednesday in G-19 at lunch.

Empower Club

Empower club is a social justice and feminist service club. They volunteer at a local homeless shelter and have conversations about social justice issues specifically relating to feminism in their weekly meetings. Empower meets every Tuesday at lunch in P-5.

Students for Civic Engagement Club

Students for Civic Engagement is a club where students can become civilly engaged. They sign students up to vote and talk about upcoming ballot measures, as well as what students can do to make their voices heard without voting. They meet every other Tuesday in B-5.

Robotics Club

Robotics club member Tess Buckley (pictured) says robotics club builds robots that compete in international competitions in a fun and welcoming environment. They meet on Wednesdays after school at in Mr Leepers room and on Saturdays from 12:30 to 4:30.

Black Student Union

BSU is a club all about Black Excellence, which is this year's theme. This club supports Black students, watches movies involving Black People, and is a safe environment for minorities. They meet Thursdays at lunch in E-7. All are welcome!

Bears Without Borders Club

Bears Without Borders is a service club that was built within the M-A Football team. Bears Without Borders does service trips to the Kingdom of Tonga, and last year they renovated a library and brought school supplies. @bearswithoutborders.

Jewish Cultural Club

The Jewish Cultural Club is all about celebrating Jewish Culture and debunking stereotypes about Judaism. They host informal conversations about all things relating to Judaism every Wednesday at lunch in D-20.

Explore Club

Explore is trying to get you out and enjoying our beautiful world. This club does tons of outdoor activities like hiking and camping trips, this year they even are planning on doing a surfing trip. Explore also teams up with Surfriders to do beach clean ups. @ma.explore

Dream Club

Dream club helps prepare Latinx students for college, celebrates Latin American culture, and discusses Latinx immigrant experiences. Dream club meets every Wednesday after school on B-23

Curieus Club

Curieus Club teaches and demonstrates STEM experiments with underserved kids at the local boys and girls club. The club experiments are designed to help the kids do better in high school science classes. Curieus club meets Mondays in S-9.