Alternate Powered Vehicle By: tyrese andrews-tuhoro

Question 1: Investigate and create a list of power sources that could be used to power a vehicle or some other device. Ensure you consider a wide range of options.

Chemical energy
Solar power
Water power
Air power

Question 2: Choose one of the following. Explain how this form of power could be harnessed to provide a vehicle with an alternate power source. Communicate this in a paragraph response.

I think my vehicle is going to be solar powered by solar panels because it will stop the risk of global warming a little bit because we're not using petrol or diesel to make it work which can destroy the o-zone. It's also convenient because you don't need to fuel it you just need to replace them after a while.

Question 3: Describe your proposed alternate power vehicle. Include photos, video's and relevant diagrams.

This is a solar powered vehicle that I got from the internet and I like this car because it has giving me a good idea for how I make my vehicle and the way it is supposed to look. I think that my vehicle won't look like that because I'm only using a plastic bottle, cardboard and a couple of little solar panels.
This is my alternate powered vehicle and it is solar powered from 2 little solar panels to power it and it it only works in daylight and the solar panels must be protected from rain or water or else the solar panels won't work as well and they will break down from the water soaking into the solar panels.

Question 4: Analyse and evaluate your design and design process using a SWOT analysis.

My design is a solar powered vehicle and it will have 2 little solar panels and I will have cardboard planks to hold my things and if I want to put text books on it I can use the cardboard planks for that. I will add some toy wheels from the shops in a design kit or something like that. I can put my solar panels on the cardboard planks so the solar panels are on top of everything so it gets the most sunlight to power the vehicle and make the vehicle go faster then if it was on the bottom of the vehicle.

Question 5: Develop an action plan for creating your alternate powered vehicle. This can be presented in flow chart form.

This is my FLOW chart.


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