JAM 4 technology "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery"

Hi, I'm Jo Ann Mayo. I have taught art for twenty-one years now. I enjoy learning new things, because the world around us is constantly changing. I am always searching for ways to make teaching easier to be a more productive educator. I am passionate about teaching students to be independent learners. I teach art and love when my students have an "Aha moment".
Students working on Nearpod lesson

I graduated from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA in 1997. My first teaching job was at Pearl Watson Elementary School. I taught there for fourteen years. I currently teach at LeBleu Settlement Elementary School. I have been at LeBleu ever since I left the Pearl.

Students learning how to drive Sphero
2017 LACUE TNT Grant winners

I am a member of the teachers union CFT. I have received several grants over the years. My most recent grant received was the DREW GRANT 2019. I have received an AXI grant, Drew Grant, CPSB ITEC model Classroom grant, Branch Out and Grow grant, and TNT.


I have presented numerous presentations over the years. They have ranged from webinars to face to face presentations. I have presented to fellow art teachers during in-services, made in-house presentations at my school, as well as to other classroom teachers in the district. I have made presentations for the CPSB technology department, and have presented on the state level at the LACUE conference. I hold the title of Art Teacher at my school, but I am also the school's tech contact person, which means I assist teachers at school with tech issues. I am a district Blackboard mentor teacher, which means I present webinars for teachers on how to use Blackboard in their classroom. I am also an ITEC model classroom teacher, I integrate technology into my curriculum.

LeBleu Winners at CPSB hosted Midnight Madness

Artwork on display

Contour line drawings done in Doodle Buddy app on ipads

Students are all successful with project

Students took a selfie with camera on ipad and had to act out a pose that I read to them from selfie cards

Shane at TNT , he is the inventor of the coolest throwable speaker ball,The Q-Ball
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Photo taken by myself of friends.

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