Reynaldo Blizzard

BLIZZARD! What are blizzards? Well they are snow storms that have heavy "HEAVY"snow falls that can really do some damage.
Now that is a storm to whatch out for .But really what causes a blizzard .when cold air comes toward warm air , the warm air goes over the cold air and then together they cause precipitation.
Blue stands for were they would happen. Red is for were there would not happen.
But there are some tools to help this not be the worst or to just help you to survive. You will need food supplies, radio, lantern and a shovel.
There's many things that a blizzard would do but the main one is a snow in.All people at least are locked in or snowed in there home and the power might go out.
Most blizzards go at wind speeds of 35mph or 1/4miles per hour. And they predict it by a radar and satellite pictures. Effects of blizzards are not the worst but there still pretty strong in what could happen to your roof or your vehicles. Blizzards can be pretty strong at times.they happen in Northern America. A scale from 1 to 10 there mostly in the 6 zone.


Created with images by Simon - "mont blanc blizzard forward" • Hans - "blizzard snow flurry snowflakes" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Classic Nor’easter plowed up the East Coast of the United States" • Hans - "blizzard road way home" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Suomi NPP View of a Strong Midwest Cyclone" • Hans - "blizzard snow flurry snowflakes" • Hans - "hut blizzard snowflakes"

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