A Trip Through India Jaylene hernandez

The Indus River Valley is located on Pakistan and northwest India. It was a fertile flooded plain of the Indus River Valley and its vicinity. They remember that the Indus River was made around 5500 BCE. The farming stuff that they did was in 4000 BCE. 300 0 BCE was when appeared the first signs of urbanization. To this day the Indus River Valley is still here.

The Ganges Basin is 1,860,000 square kilometers in India. The Ganges Basin is one of the largest water catchments in the world. It's one of the biggest water resources in India. There is still a bunch on water usage to this day.

The Harappa is located in Pakistan which was an ancient city. The Harappa was a part of the Indus Valley. The civilization was created around 2900 or 2500 BC. It was a home too four ancient civilizations.

The brihadisvara temple is located in Thanjavur. Thanjavur is located in India. It could also be called the Raja Rajeswara temple. People say that it's a really big temple. The sites included 11 and 12th century Temples.

The Buddhism and the sanchi stupa is located 46 km Northeast of Bhopal. It was build in the 3rd century and it was made in different periods. After Siddhartha Gautama passed away the community found slowly involved. There was about 400 million people in Buddhism in our day expanded worldwide.

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