Dive Into A World Of Religion! An adventure into The world of religion

September 15, 2016- The first place I visited was, Bodh Gaya. This is the sacred place of Buddhism. This is the place where the Buddha gained enlightenment, which was his second greatest achievement. A temple has stood there since the third century B.C. He gained his wisdom under a bo tree so that tree is also sacred. There is a giant temple and a giant bo tree which always had people under it.

The Temple and The Bo tree

September 20, 2016- Today I visited Masjid al-haram, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This is a sacred site of the religion Islam. This is the place where, the greatest mosque lies, The greatest mosque also includes the well of Zamzam which was given to them by Gabriel. The building is so big and i thought that it was interesting that there is a huge open area in the middle and that is where most of the people were. They also believe Muhammad was born close to this location. There were so many people!

The Great Mosque

September 25, 2016- The third place I visited was The Ganges River, Hardwar, India. This is a sacred place of the religion, Hinduism. This religion believes that if you bathe in holy rivers you will be pure. The Ganges river is the most sacred river to them, because it Springs from the hair of siva one of the main deities. There were so many people there in the river there was almost no room left in the area!

People Line up To bathe in the Ganges River

September 30, 2016- The fourth place I visited was, Jerusalem. This is a sacred site for Christians. Christians believe that in this town, Jesus came many times throughout his childhood. He was also known to preach there many times, and was crucified there. Most importantly, he was also brought back to life at this location. In this town there are many ginormous churches that are over the top.

Churches in and around Jerusalem

October 5, 2016- The last stop on my journey of religion was, The Western Wall, Israel. This is a sacred site of the religion Judaism. This once was a synagogue that was 1500 feet long, 60 feet into the ground, and 90 feet tall. This is also near the place where Abraham almost sacrificed his son for God. The wall is dirty, tall, and wide. The wall also has some plants growing on it, but unless you are close to it its hard to tell because of all the people there.

People Gather By The Western Wall
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