A Diary of a Lion by: Lindsay Taylor and Tayler darcey

June 16th

My mom says there are three things about being a Lion

1. Always stay with the pack of Lions.

2. Always listen to your mom and dad.

3. Always eat grub salad with your zebra.

June 17th

My dad said one day that I am older I am going to be king of the jungle which is hard to understand because we don't live in a jungle.

This will be me one day

June 18

Every day when I go to the lion pride meeting with my dad they always talk about what food there going to catch for dinner or how many miles they can run. But, they sleep a lot. When I came home we were having my favorite meal, fresh zebra and grub salad.

June 19

Today me my dad, mom, and sister went on a trip to the watering hole, The hole time my sister kept looking at her self and i told her no matter how many times you look at your self you will still look the same.she didn't find that funny.

June 20

Today was my last day of pride school and i was excited. My teachers said we can play a game called find the grubs, they were delicious.

June 21

It was a nice cool day, so I decided to take a nice nap under the tree, my friend decided to make a sneak attack on me.

June 22

Today I went to pride rock the view up there is AMAZING!!! it was the most beautiful, I love to go pride rock because it makes me feel like I'm the king of the world.

June 23

Today my dad took me on a trip to the circle of life where all of the animals live in peace and harmony. It is also a great playground.

June 24

When my dad tucked me in last night he told me that tomorrow he would take me out into the open fields and tech me the way of the stars.

June 25

But i love being a lion so much, what is not great about be a lion. Except for when it is hot outside, I want to shave my fur off, but my dad says I'm not old enough yet. but another thing about being a lion it is easy to find food, but one thing that bothers me while I'm eating my food is my FUR, it gets all over the place. I'm also the fastest runner in my pride group, well except for my dad he also BRAGS. The last thing that i love being a lion is being in the pride group it is so fun, the best part about it is that we get to scare off the hunters, there faces and priceless.

The hunters always run away from us.
Created By
Lindsay Tayler


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