THE END The Death of DJ

The Beginning

DJ was not at his first child's birth, he was in a different country working in Israel to provide for his growing family.


DJ planned many trips for his family, especially to the beach. Family was always first to him. He was an outgoing man, that helped anyone in need. He would shape all the children in the family by his rough childhood lessons.

Indian Traditions

His favorite time of the year was in fall. He got to do his favorite traditions like garba. He danced the night with all his friends and family. He would never leave early, even if it was a school night for his daughters.

Last Birthday

DJ's birthdays were usually spent out eating with his family at a Mexican restaurant. His two daughters and nephew would make him cards since they were too young to buy anything without him knowing.

DJ was never thought to be sad or depressed. But inside he was struggling.


Some deep problems arose which caused him to make a decision without thinking. He left behind a wife that will forever think "why did he leave us?" He also left his teenage daughter that soon becomes the rock of the family, taking on his responsibilities.

What He Missed

Through the years he missed anniversaries, birthdays, family gatherings, and important moments when his daughters needed their dad. But he left everyone a heart and mind full of memories to last a life time. His death has made me the person I am today.

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