My Art Work Natalie roosa

Hey everyone, thanks for reading. This Page is about all of my art work that I have been working on. Some of it isn't really art work, more of calendar ideas, or wall paper stuff. But I like to think about how it is art and that I created it from something else.
This is one of the wallpapers. I was experimenting of a website called 'Sketchpad 4.0' and I just made this. I like it, I think it kind of looks like the trees from the Lorax.
This one is my favorite because it's interesting and cool. I think it really looks like a spider web, but pretty. I really don't like spiders, but the webs are pretty cool.
I'm a teenager, so I can relate to these. I know that we don't know 'everything' but, we think we do. I think only the teenagers are going to like the others. But who knows, are you an adult with a kids mind.
My sense of humor is different from other peoples, but it's still there. Most of you are probably shaking your head, but hopefully some of you are chuckling.
This is SO true.
Email me on Gmail if you really read the whole thing, or not.
This is so me. Totally something I would say.
Please tell me what you think about my art work. At

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