What it's like to be a freshman athlete BY KELLY HALLINAN AND EMMA SPOTTS, STAFF REPORTERS


“Academics are always in the forefront of everything we try to do as a team, whether that’s on the road, having mandatory study tables, after film, after breakfast, or whatever it is.”–Tori Schickel, women's basketball senior

Butler athletes discuss the academic challenges that come with being a freshman student-athlete.


“Take advantage of the time you have. Four years seem like a lot when you come in but looking back on it now, it’s crazy how quickly time has gone by.” –Johnny Leverenz, cross country redshirt senior

Butler athletes discuss the advice they'd give to their freshman self.


“The community has been really fun to adjust to, to kind of see how everyone on campus interacts with each other. You can really tell everyone is very welcoming.” –Margo Hornocker, women's cross country freshman

Butler athletes discuss the process of adjusting to life at Butler.


“I think they helped us a lot, especially, you know, kind of taking us under their wing and showing us what we need to do to be like them or be successful.” –Tyler Bombacino, men's cross country freshman

Butler freshmen athletes discuss the lessons they've learned from upperclassmen.


“It’s just going to be different because you’re held to a different standard at times. You can’t do everything that normal college students will do just because of your time.” –Breann Pempek, women's soccer senior

Butler freshmen athletes discuss how their social life differs from other students at Butler.

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